September 14, 2017

   The Mina Town Board met on the above date for the regular meeting.  Supervisor Brumagin called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm by leading with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.  The following members and guests were in attendance: 


Rebecca Brumagin…………….Supervisor
Dennis Luce……………...……Councilman
Dick Watrous………………….Councilman
Dave Wilcox...………..……….Councilman

Attended by:   Glenda Allen, Larry Gross, Kristopher Hess, Bill Himelein (Mina Highway Superintendent), Barbara Howard, Pete Howard (Findley Lake Volunteer Fire Department), Don Levengood (7:08), Ed Mulkearn (Findley Lake Watershed Foundation), Terry Phelps (Findley Lake Volunteer Fire Department)(7:05), Ernie Roache (7:03), Sue Rochester, Sherri Schenk, Craig Tenbuckel, Phyllis Tenbuckel, Andrew Travis, JoAnn Travis, Andy Wallen   

Minutes:  Motion was made by Councilman Luce and seconded by Councilman Wilcox to accept the minutes of the August 10, 2017 meeting and August 24, 2017 special meeting as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.

Comments/Concerns from those present:

  • Barb Howard presented a letter to the town board that was from residents of the Town of Mina and included a petition with 158 signatures expressing concern that a Dollar General Store is planning to be built in the town.
  • Larry Gross introduced Kristopher Hess and Andy Wallen as the new managers of the former Brigadoon Restaurant which they are planning on changing the name to Alexander’s on the Lake, Inc.  Kristopher and Andy stated they would like to have the restaurant open by October 1, 2017.

Comments/Concerns from those not present:

  • Supervisor Brumagin reported she has had several people contact her concerning the Dollar General Store that is reported to be coming to town along with the specific location of the store.


  • Findley Lake Area Chamber of Commerce – JoAnn Travis spoke on behalf of the chamber regarding the Dollar General Store coming to town.  She stated that chamber members would like to see the “quaint” flavor stay in town and would like the zoning law to more clearly define “aesthetically appealing businesses” and to include:
  • Quaint, charming, vintage 19th century character details
  • Quality materials
  • Peaked roof with frontal orientation
  • Vertical orientation height to width 1.618 to 1
  • Tasteful historic color (s)
  • Natural greenery on a portion of the lot

She said that Dollar General is based in Tennessee and the chamber prefers businesses where the profits stay in the community.  Other questions/comments regarding the store coming to town were:

  • What side of Interstate 86 would it be on (north or south)?
  • Should any store small or large go between I-86 and the hamlet?
  • Signs being limited to size and visibility
  • Parking lots
  • Zoning Law should be checked on “aesthetically appealing”
  • Concerns on employment and negative impact to those who might lose their jobs at other stores
  • Findley Lake Watershed Foundation -   Ed Mulkearn reported that the weed harvester was pulled out of the lake Tuesday evening.  He stated there were a few less loads of weeds than last year and they will now change out the gear box since the weed harvester is out of the water.  Ed reported that the dam breakwall repair project is complete and signed off on.  They installed a guard near the dry hydrant.  He reported that all the grant money has been received and thanked the town board for their support.  He said the Findley Lake Watershed Foundation will be paying approximately $5,000 additional out of their treasury and they did not have to take any permanent loans out for the $630,000 project.
  • Ed Mulkearn shared that the Waterwheel Overlook bathrooms that were built about 17 years ago were maintained by the Watershed Foundation with the costs shared with the Nature Center, the Findley Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Town of Mina.  Rebecca Brumagin and her husband Dennis Brumagin took care of composting the toilets as community volunteers.  Since Dennis passed away last year, the toilets have not been regularly maintained and the Watershed Foundation will no longer will be maintaining or composting the bathrooms.  The Chamber’s top priority was public restrooms for their customers because, without a centralized sewer system, the septic systems of the businesses could not accommodate their customer’s needs.  The chamber would like the town to consider having the highway department take on the responsibility of maintaining the restrooms and composting the toilets.
  • Findley Lake Volunteer Fire Department – Pete Howard stated they are requesting that the town designate funds in 2019 to have $25,000 to work on the exterior of the fire hall building (insulation, windows and doors).  He stated they have raised $150,000 through the recent fundraising campaign.  He said they have worked on heating and hot water in the building and have ordered $35,000 worth of bunker suits.
  • FLVFD – Terry Phelps reported that the fire department is looking for ways to reduce expenditures.  At their next meeting they will be deciding who will be issued the new bunker gear.  They were also inspected by NYS Department of Health, which is done every six years.  DOH checks the records, supplies and the ambulance.  The fire department passed the inspection.

Old Business:

  • Reserve Funds – Supervisor Brumagin said she will present these during the 2018 budget process.
  • Budget Process – Meetings are scheduled for, October 12th regular board meeting, October 26th preliminary budget & work session, November 2nd regular meeting & public hearing and, if needed, November 15th special meeting to adopt budget.
  • County-wide Shared Services Plan – Supervisor Brumagin reported that the Supervisors and Mayors from Chautauqua County voted on the plan and the vote was 23 yeas, 0 nays and she voted in favor of the county’s shared service plan.
  • Board resolution regarding accepting partial tax payments – Supervisor Brumagin reported that, with the amount of work the program requires, the county isn’t ready to accept partial payments for the 2018 year.  She is recommending that the Town of Mina wait one year and begin accepting partial payments in 2019.


  • Summer Recreation (Mina & Clymer) – Thank you note for the town’s support
  • Charter Communications – Notification by October 1, 2017 Charter will cease carriage of Spectrum Sports
  • NYS OCR – Grant closeout, the OCR has determined that the Town of Mina has satisfactorily completed the CDBG Project #739CRF-ED835-14 and can begin the formal closeout process
  • FLVFD – letter requesting an increase in mileage from $.14 per mile to the amount that the town authorizes for employees.
  • FLVD – Terry Phelps will be attending EMS Leadership training and is notifying the town he will submit a voucher to be reimbursed when completed.


  • Highway/Cemetery Committee – Dick Watrous reported that he has received positive comments about how nice the cemetery has been maintained this year.
  • Highway Superintendent – Superintendent Himelein reported he researched options on used loaders.  He distributed information on a used loader and a couple of new loaders for the board to consider.  Also, he received the signed trade agreement from Girts Sand & Gravel, LLC for sand in exchange for the International single axle dump truck.
  • Assessor – Supervisor Brumagin reported that Heather Young-Deyell’s husband passed away on September 13, 2017.  Melanie Eddy has offered to help while Heather is out of the office.  The town will send flowers.  Heather’s report for August 2017 was distributed.  The sales verification process has been completed, and transferred to ORPTS.  She is currently working on the 2018 Assessment Roll.  She will be attending the NYS Assessor’s Association Annual Conference October 1-4th.
  • Town Clerk/Tax Collector – The Town Clerk’s report was distributed reporting the collection of fees and sales of $18,944.00 for the month of August 2017.  She has paid the Supervisor $2,335.67, NYS Ag and Markets for dogs, $39.00, NYS Health Dept. for marriage licenses, $112.50, and NYS DEC $16,456.83.  She reported hunting license sales have been going well.
  • FL Area Chamber of Commerce – Sherri Schenk reported that the chamber broke even for the harvest fest even though the weather wasn’t very nice for that weekend.  Next events coming up are Peek’N Peak’s Fallfest on October 14, 15, 21 & 22 and November 4th is the Christmas Craft Show.
  • CEO/Building Inspector – Melanie Eddy’s report for August 2017 was distributed.  She will be attending mandatory training on September 11, 12 and 13th.
  • Supervisor – Supervisor Brumagin distributed financial statements for August 2017.

New Business:

  • Kristopher Hess requested on behalf of Alexander’s on the Lake, Inc., to have the remainder of the 30 day waiting period waived for the restaurant’s State Liquor license application.  Councilman Luce made a motion, seconded by Councilman Watrous, to waive the remainder of the 30 day waiting period.  Motion carried unanimously.

Ayes – 4   Brumagin, Luce, Watrous, Wilcox

Nays - 0

  • Supervisor Brumagin passed out financial projections for 2017 for the highway department.  Discussion was held.  Because of limited funds, it was the consensus of the Town Board and the Highway Superintendent that instead of purchasing a new or used loader that the highway department repair the current one.

Payment of Monthly Claims/Transfers:

  • Payment of Monthly Claims/Transfers –   The monthly claims were examined.  Councilman Luce moved, seconded by Councilman Wilcox, to pay the monthly claims.  In the General Fund claim #217 through #240 in the amount of $17,339.24 and in the Highway Fund claim #106H through #118H in the amount of $93,041.48 was approved to pay.  Motion carried unanimously. 

Ayes – 4   Brumagin, Luce, Watrous, Wilcox

Nays - 0

Executive Session:  At 8:30 pm Councilman Wilcox made a motion, seconded by Councilman Watrous to adjourn to Executive Session for real property issues and contractual issues.  Motion carried.  At 8:42 pm Councilman Luce moved, seconded by Councilman Wilcox, to return to regular session.  Motion carried unanimously.

Other Business/Actions:

  • Findley Lake Area Chamber of Commerce – Regarding the request that the town highway department maintain and compost the restrooms in the Overlook Building;  Superintendent Himelein stated that the job duties of motor equipment operators do not include these kinds of responsibilities. The town board agreed with him.  Councilman Luce made a motion, seconded by Councilman Wilcox, that Supervisor Brumagin inform the Findley Lake Watershed Foundation and the Findley Lake Area Chamber of Commerce that the town will not accept taking on the responsibility of the restrooms.

Ayes – 4   Brumagin, Luce, Watrous, Wilcox

Nays - 0

  • Supervisor Brumagin reported that she has been informed that 185 letters have been sent out by the county regarding septic system inspections.  The county has approximately 70 property owners whose letters have not yet been mailed.

As there was no further business to come before the Board, Councilman Luce moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:46 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherrie R. Tanner
Town Clerk