March 12, 2019

   The Mina Town Board met on the above date for the regular meeting.  Supervisor Brumagin called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm by leading with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.  The following members and guests were in attendance: 


Rebecca Brumagin…………….Supervisor
Dennis Luce……………...……Councilman
Dick Watrous………………….Councilman
Dave Wilcox…………………..Councilman

Absent:            Ernie Roache………………….Councilman

Attended by:   Bill Himelein (Mina Highway Superintendent)

Minutes:  Motion was made by Councilman Luce and seconded by Councilman Wilcox to accept the minutes of the February 12, 2019 meeting as presented.  Motion carried.

Comments/Concerns from those present:  Superintendent Himelein asked if the town board has a plan for garbage collection when Jim Parnell from 2-J’s retires.  Although the town board has options they could consider, Jim Parnell has not announced his retirement or if he has someone who will take over his business upon his retirement, and so the town board has not developed a formal replacement plan.

Comments/Concerns from those not present: none

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training:

  • Supervisor Brumagin reminded town board members that they are required to take the training.  She informed the town board that she has registered to take the Sexual Harassment Prevention “Train the Trainer” course that is being offered in early April by the town’s insurance carrier, NYMIR.

Old Business:

  • Supervisor Brumagin reported that she received a letter from Chautauqua County Executive, George Borrello asking her, as Mina Town Supervisor, to serve on the Chautauqua County Sewer Agency.  Supervisor Brumagin reported that Ed Mulkearn, President of the Findley Lake Watershed Foundation, has also been asked to serve on the group as a member at large from Mina.
  • National Grid has scheduled an appointment for Wednesday, March 13, 2019 to review the new LED lighting that has been installed at the Community Center and Highway Barn.  This follow-up visit is to ensure, under the National Grid grant, that the lighting has been installed properly.


  • Chautauqua County Board of Elections – A 2019 Town of Mina list of positions up for election needs to be completed and submitted to the county.
  • Hartford Steam Boiler – Confirmation on date that the Community Center boilers will be inspected (4/18/2019).
  • Chaut. County Office of Real Property Tax Services – Notifying that the County did not receive any requests for an extension of time for payment of property taxes because of the inclement weather as authorized by New York.
  • Southern Tier West – 26th Annual Local Government Conference at Houghton College, May 9, 2019 registration information.
  • National Seminars Training – Information on their training dates.
  • Fort Orange Press – Information on election supplies.
  • SkillPath – Information on Administrative Assistants Conference.
  • Charter Communications – Channel lineup changes.


  • Highway Superintendent – Superintendent Himelein distributed his written report.  He reported attending Advocates Day in Albany with 12 other Highway Superintendents from Chautauqua County.  They met with Senator Catharine Young and Assemblyman Andy Goodell and discussed CHIPs funding and Extreme Winter Recovery Funds.  He also reported 167” of snow to date this season and 2 7/8” of ice.  So far this year 15-20% more antiskid and salt have been used.  The highway crew is retrofitting a broom for the tractor and they have been working on repairs to the shop.
  • Recreation Committee – Supervisor Brumagin reported that the committee has decided to release bids on repairing the tennis/basketball courts in the spring as two separate bids.  The first bid will be sent out in early April.
  • Assessor – Heather Young-Deyell’s report was handed out for February 2019.  She will begin field inspections of new construction and demolition beginning around March 1, 2019 so she plans to be out in the field most afternoons.
  • Town Justice – Supervisor Brumagin reported on the information received from French Creek regarding combining their Justice Court with the Town of Mina Court.  If the towns are interested in proceeding with a study, a joint resolution is required to be passed by both bodies. 
  • Town Clerk/Tax Collector – The Town Clerk’s report was distributed reporting the collection of fees and sales of $360.00 for the month of February 2019.  She has paid the Supervisor $222.60, NYS Ag and Markets for dogs, $24.00, and NYS DEC $113.40.  The Town Clerk requested that the town increase the charge for the second notice of taxes from $1 to $2 since postage has gone up.  Councilman Wilcox made a motion seconded by Councilman Watrous to increase the charge from $1 to $2 beginning in 2020.  Motion carried unanimously.

Ayes – 4   Brumagin, Luce, Watrous, Wilcox

Nays – 0 

The clerk also reported that she and the deputy clerk participated in the dementia friends program that Community Connections is advocating.   Community Connections would like the Town of Mina to become a Dementia Friends Community.

  • Findley Lake Volunteer Fire Department – Supervisor Brumagin reported that Hull Excavating has moved the dry hydrant.  The FL Fire Department pumper had some issues pumping from the relocated hydrant but the Sherman Dept. didn’t have any problems.  The FLFD will be repairing its pumper so that it works correctly.  The Fire Dept. also sent the Supervisor a copy of its recent Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation.
  • CEO/Building Inspector – Melanie Eddy’s report for February 2019 was distributed.
  • Supervisor – Supervisor Brumagin distributed and reviewed the February 2019 financial statements.  She reported that the annual report for 2018 has been filed timely with the state.  With the postage increase, Supervisor Brumagin recommended changing the Supervisor’s Bookkeeper’s impressed petty cash amount from $50 to $75.  Councilman Watrous made a motion, seconded by Councilman Luce to increase the Bookkeeper’s petty cash fund from $50 to $75.  Motion carried unanimously.

Ayes – 4   Brumagin, Luce, Watrous, Wilcox

Nays – 0 

New Business:

  • Supervisor Brumagin reported she has contacted Senator Young’s office regarding an approved grant for $50,000 that the town is proposing to revise to fund security cameras, front door system, a generator and a public access defibulator.  The paperwork is in process but with Senator Young resigning from office it may have to wait for a new senator to be seated.
  • Additionally, she reported that the application is in process for the purchase of an AED    (automated external defibrillator) for the Community Center.
  • AIM Funding Cuts – AIM (Aid and Incentives for Municipalities) funding cuts may be happening this year and the extreme winter recovery money may be cut.  The basic CHIPS money has been approved but any increase in CHIPS is dependent on an approved state budget.
  • Supervisor Brumagin reported she chaired the Clymer Central School Community Leaders Financial Projection Workgroup and gave a presentation to the Clymer Board of Education on Monday, March 11, 2019.  Packets with the workgroup’s report have been prepared for any interested parties to pick up at the Town Clerk’s office or the Alexander Findley Community Library.
  • Supervisor Brumagin reminded the town board that the next two town board monthly meeting dates have been changed and are as follows; Tuesday, April 9 and Thursday, May 16; each of these meetings will be held at 7 pm.


Payment of Monthly Claims/Transfers:

  • Payment of Monthly Claims/Transfers –   The monthly claims were examined.

Councilman Luce moved, seconded by Councilman Wilcox, to pay the monthly claims.  In the General Fund claim #61 through #85 in the amount of $70,869.75 and in the Highway Fund claim #25H through #36H in the amount of $9,175.80 was approved to pay.  Motion carried unanimously.

Ayes – 4   Brumagin, Luce, Watrous, Wilcox

Nays – 0 

Other Business/Actions:

  • As there was no further business to come before the Board, Supervisor Brumagin moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:56 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherrie R. Tanner
Town Clerk