March 9, 2017

    The Mina Town Board met on the above date for a public hearing for discussion on implementation of grant monies from NYS Office of Community Renewal Grant Program and the regular monthly town board meeting.  Supervisor Brumagin called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. by leading with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.  The following members and guests were in attendance:


Rebecca Brumagin…………….Supervisor
Dennis Luce……………...……Councilman
Dick Watrous…………..……...Councilman
Dave Wilcox...………..……….Councilman

Attended by:  Bill Himelein (Highway Superintendent), Philip Persons (Findley Lake Watershed Foundation), Terry Phelps (FL Volunteer Fire Department), Ernie Roache

Public Hearing:

Supervisor Brumagin opened the public hearing asking the Town Clerk to read the legal notice that was posted in the Jamestown Post Journal.  Supervisor Brumagin explained the disbursements of the grant funding.  Three checks were written totaling $200,000; the first was $189,496.88 to Findley Lake Watershed Foundation and Lakeshore Paving, the second to H. Sicherman & Company for $10,000.00 and the third $503.12 to Findley Lake Watershed Foundation to reimburse for engineering costs.  Supervisor Brumagin then asked if there were any questions regarding the project including the funds disbursed.  As there were none, Supervisor Brumagin closed the Public Hearing at 7:04 pm and moved to the regular town board meeting.

Minutes:   Motion was made by Councilman Wilcox and seconded by Councilman Watrous to accept the minutes of the February 9, 2017 meeting as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.  Councilman Watrous made a motion to accept the minutes of the January 21st Public Hearing and the continuance of the Public Hearing on February 9, 2017 and on February 20, 2017 as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.

Comments/Concerns from those present:

  • Terry Phelps reported there are four individuals currently attending EMT class and all four had done well on their mid-term.  Randy Hamilton retook the EMT test and passed so he is now recertified making four active EMTs on the squad.  Terry took five members of the Findley Lake fire department to a water rescue training class.
  • Philip Persons reported for the Findley Lake Watershed Foundation that once the weather breaks the contractors will resume the work to complete the dam breakwall repair project.  The sidewalk will be finished, the handrail installed and the stones on the north side of the road will be put in place.

Comments/Concerns from those not present: none

Old Business:

  • Sewer Project – Supervisor Brumagin reported that the deadline for a NYS Environmental Facilities Corp. grant is March 1, 2018 instead of March 1, 2017 as previously reported to the town.  Project grants require the formation of the district before applying.  Attorney Robinson has reported that the State Comptroller must also give permission for the town to proceed with district formation. Supervisor Brumagin reviewed the draft responses to frequently asked questions regarding the county’s septic inspection program.  There are more FAQs that need to be developed and the goal is to have them completed and posted on the town’s website by early April.   The town board plans to hold a public meeting if there is an adequate number of verified signatures on the permissive referendum petition which would then require a public vote on the formation of the district.
  • Paradise Bay – When Supervisor Brumagin contacted NYMIR about a recommendation on the pedestrian crossing they stated they needed to come back to Findley Lake and further assess the situation.
  • Town Board Vacancy – Supervisor Brumagin stated the board would be discussing the applicants in executive session.
  • NYMIR – Supervisor Brumagin turned over the loss control recommendations to Highway Superintendent Bill Himelein.  Superintendent Himelein reported the “No Smoking” signs have been installed and the “work place violence” training is being worked on.
  • National Grid power outages – Supervisor Brumagin reported she was on a conference call earlier in the day with National Grid regarding the recent power outages in Western New York State.  At the time of the call there were still seven homes in the Town of Mina without electricity.  They reported that there were 164,000 outages during the storm across Western New York and said 90% would be back up by midnight Thursday and all would be restored by Sunday.


  • Chautauqua County Dept. of Health – Community Center water sample results
  • Legal Assistance of Western NY – FOIL request for Code Officer
  • NYS Ag & Markets – Dog Control Officer Inspection Report 2/22/17
  • Southern Tier West – 24th Annual Local Government Conference
  • Consolidated Communications – Announced they acquired FairPoint Communications
  • FL Volunteer Firemans Assoc. – financials


  • Highway Superintendent - Highway Superintendent Himelein reported the sides of the road have been rough and breaking away this winter because of the ground not staying frozen.  He also reported the oil and chipping bids were coming in and they will start oil and chipping toward the end of May.  He stated they hope to get the paving done in June.  He also reported that when the work on Bailey Hill Road near the intersection of the Mina-French Creek Road toward Marks Road is being worked on, the road will be closed during the highway department’s work hours.  Superintendent Himelein reported the brackets are in to move and repair parking signs as well as other signs that were damaged during the winter.  Supervisor Brumagin thanked the highway crew for taking down the holiday decorations and Superintendent Himelein said they will take care of getting timers for them before they put them up again next fall.  He reported the water well at the shop has been worked on; they had it tested once and the county will be back to test it again.  He also wanted to be able to post weight limits on the roads for next winter/spring and would like that taken care of at the 2018 organizational meeting. He also reported some damage on the road on Shadyside Road where someone is having breakwall work done.
  • Recreation Committee – Supervisor Brumagin asked Councilman Wilcox if the committee has met recently to discuss the resurfacing process of the tennis courts.  He stated they have not.
  • Assessor - Heather Young-Deyell’s report for February 2017 and Year End 2016 Report was distributed.  She reported that in March and April she will be out in the field inspecting new construction and demolition projects.
  • Town Justice – Supervisor Brumagin reported she met with Court Clerk Jodie D’Anthony and prepared the justice audit for 2016.  She said the state has to resolve three old pended traffic cases and there was a $14.47 charge from the bank for a Canadian money order.  There is a voucher on the general abstract to reimburse the justice checking account for this charge.   

Town of Mina
Board Resolution #8-17
Justice Audit
Dated:  March 9, 2017

At a regular meeting of the Mina Town Board held on Thursday, March 9, 2017, Mina Town Supervisor Rebecca N. Brumagin, submitted a report of findings of the audits conducted on the justice records for the calendar year 2016.   Her report included information on the process for reviewing records including monthly bank statements, bank reconciliations, accountability reports, the cash receipt journal, the cash disbursement journal, partial payments reports, NYS Justice Court reports, TSLE&D reports and a sampling of court docket files and cases.  Findings for 2016 were as follows:

  • All financial records are complete and up-to-date.
  • Transactions are recorded properly.
  • Accountability is determined monthly.
  • Required reports are made timely and accurately.
  • Three pending cases on the TSLE&D report have not been resolved through TSLE&D and have been pending for 5+ years.

A motion was made by Councilman Luce and seconded by Councilman Wilcox to accept the findings of the 2016 Town of Mina Justice Court Audit.  The vote was as follows:

Supervisor Brumagin – Aye

Councilman Luce – Aye

Councilman Watrous – Aye

Councilman Wilcox – Aye

The resolution passed unanimously.

  • Town Clerk/Tax Collector – The Town Clerk’s report was distributed reporting the collection of fees and sales of $319.00 for the month of February 2017.  She has paid the Supervisor $254.00, NYS Ag and Markets for dogs, $20.00, and NYS Dept. of Health $45.00.  She also reported Christ Our Hope church gave the Community Center a donation for the use of the building.
  • CEO/Building Inspector – Melanie Eddy’s report for February 2017 was handed out.  She is still asking the town board to refer to Section 615-1 fences/walls of the zoning code for review.  She responded to the FOIL request she received.
  • Supervisor -   Rebecca Brumagin distributed financials for February 2017.  She reported she was able to complete the town clerk audit.  She passed around the 2016 Detailed Financials for the Town and the Town Clerk annual summary for each council member to review and sign.  She reviewed the budget transfers for 2016.  Councilman Watrous made a motion seconded by Councilman Wilcox to accept the budget transfers for 2016.  Motion was unanimous.

Ayes – 4  Brumagin, Luce, Watrous, Wilcox

Nays – 0 

Payment of Monthly Claims/Transfers:

  • Payment of Monthly Claims/Transfers –   The monthly claims were examined.  Councilman Luce moved, seconded by Councilman Wilcox, to pay the monthly claims (adding in the $14.47 to the general that Supervisor Brumagin asked to be added after doing the Justice audit). In the General Fund claim #59 through #81 in the amount of $72,280.94 and in the Highway Fund claim #24H through #39H in the amount of $34,385.93 was approved to pay.  Motion carried unanimously.

Approved:  Ayes – 4     Brumagin, Luce, Watrous, Wilcox

Nays – 0 

Executive Session:  At 8:11 pm Councilman Wilcox made a motion, seconded by Councilman Watrous to adjourn to Executive Session for personnel matters and real property donation.  Motion carried.  At 8:36 pm Councilman Watrous moved seconded by Councilman Wilcox to return to regular session.  Motion carried unanimously.

As there was no further business to come before the Board, Supervisor Brumagin moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:37 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherrie R. Tanner
Town Clerk