May 11, 2017

   The Mina Town Board met on the above date for the regular meeting.  Supervisor Brumagin called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm by leading with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.  The following members and guests were in attendance: 


Rebecca Brumagin………Supervisor
Dennis Luce……………...Councilman
Dick Watrous…………....Councilman
Dave Wilcox...………..…Councilman (7:05)

Attended by:   Randy Hamilton (FLVFD), Bill Himelein (Highway Superintendent), Dave Himelein (County Legislator), Pete Howard (FLVFD board), Dan Norcross, Terry Phelps (FLVFD), Ernie Roache, Sherri Schenk   

Minutes:  Motion was made by Councilman Luce and seconded by Councilman Watrous to accept the minutes of the April 6, 2017 special meeting and the April 20, 2017 meeting as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.

Comments/Concerns from those present:

  • Dave Himelein reported that he has been meeting with the Chautauqua County Public Defender regarding issues.  He reported attending meetings on shared services for the grant that the county is pursuing.  He also reported that this fall the legislature will be considering partial payments for tax bills.
  • Terry Phelps reported that Starflight is holding a benefit on June 3, 2017 and some members of the Findley Lake Fire Department plan to attend.  He passed out a WREMAC (Western Regional Emergency Advisory Committee) form stating that the four EMS personnel from the department are required to take 1½ hours of testing by July 1, 2017.  He also passed out a report on calls the department made through the month of April 2017.
  • Pete Howard shared that the fire department currently has 23 members as of their last fire department meeting and he was very encouraged by that.  He passed out a capital equipment budget and stated that he has asked Charles Schneider to spearhead a fundraising campaign to secure large donations to fund the equipment budget.  He also let the board know that the capital budget does not include any repairs or upgrades to the building.  He also reported the department has conducted background checks on all fire department members as required by New York State law.  He stated he would like the town board to consider naming the Community Center in honor of Slaney Walford for all he has done for the community.
  • Dan Norcross wanted to commend the highway department for the great job they did plowing the roads this past winter.

Comments/Concerns from those not present: none

Old Business:

  • Sewer Project – Supervisor Brumagin explained that a packet will be sent to property owners in the proposed district with a letter explaining the date, time and location of the May 19, 2017 public meeting, voting procedures including absentee ballots, FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) on the formation of the sewer district and details of the County’s mandatory onsite waste water inspection program.  Discussion was held.
  • Cemetery Property – Supervisor Brumagin reported that the Walkers have stated that they are waiting for a survey to be done.  Councilman Watrous will move forward with engaging a surveyor to conduct the survey.
  • NYMIR – Highway Superintendent Himelein reported that they will be holding training in July to comply with the insurance company’s loss control recommendations.


  • FL Volunteer Firemens Assoc. – financial statements, meeting minutes
  • Charter Communications – Keeping apprised of developments affecting Charter
  • Chautauqua County Museums and Historical Societies – County-Wide Open House Saturday May 20, 2017
  • H. Sicherman & Co. – Requesting information on the requirement for a second public hearing for the NYS Office of Community Renewal Findley Lake Dam Breakwall Repair Project grant.
  • NYS Town Clerks Association President – Proclamation of Municipal Clerks’ Week May 7-13, 2017
  • Memorial Day Parade -  invitation to town officials to participate in the parade
  • Chautauqua County Dept of Insurance – Exit liability costs for worker’s compensation fund
  • Chautauqua Home Rehabilitation and Improvement Corp. – 2nd Annual Golf Tournament
  • NYS Homes & Community Renewal  - Checking on the Findley Lake Dam Breakwall Repair Project CDBG funding
  • Village of Sherman – Inquiring as to if Mina is interested in sharing a wastewater treatment plant in the event that the formation of a centralized sewer district is approved.


  • Highway Superintendent – Superintendent Himelein asked that a part-time person be hired to mow and maintain the cemeteries.  He stated that with the highway crew working on roads and with sharing services with other towns, it makes it difficult to send enough workers.  Also the crew could be doing the maintenance work on vehicles and equipment instead of sending them out to be done.  This would save the town money and he is willing to keep track of the maintenance work so the town board can evaluate the cost/benefit of hiring a part-time person. Discussion held.  Superintendent Himelein reported he attended the Southern Tier West Conference held at Houghton College and it was very informational.  He also stated he had been approached about a place on town property for the weed harvesting operations to dump weeds this year.  The consensus of the board is that the weeds can be dumped by the bus garage.  Discussion held.   
  • Recreation Committee – Supervisor Brumagin stated she would like to revise the lease agreement with the FLVFD on the tennis courts.  The town is currently in the third year of a ten year lease and she would like it changed to a 20 year lease if the town invests in resurfacing the tennis/basketball courts.
  • Assessor – Heather Young-Deyell’s report for April 2017 was distributed.  She reported the 2017 Tentative Assessment Roll has been filed with Chautauqua County Real Property Tax and is available for viewing in the Assessor’s Office.  Grievance Day for Mina will take place Tuesday, May 23, 2017 from 4:00-8:00 pm in the Assessor’s Office.
  • Town Clerk/Tax Collector – The Town Clerk’s report was distributed reporting the collection of fees and sales of $1,004.00 for the month of April 2017.  She has paid the Supervisor $730.97, NYS Ag and Markets for dogs, $26.00, NYS Health Dept. for marriage licenses, 67.50, and NYS DEC $179.53.  She also reported she attended the Southern Tier West Conference and the sessions were very informative.
  • FL Watershed Foundation – Supervisor Brumagin reported work is almost complete on placing the rocks on the water wheel side of the highway.
  • FL Area Chamber of Commerce – Sherri Schenk reported that the chamber’s next event will be the Spring Fling to be held Memorial Day Weekend.
  • CEO/Building Inspector – Melanie Eddy’s report for April 2017 was distributed. 
  • Supervisor – Supervisor Brumagin distributed financial statements for April 2017.   She reported the sales tax money for the second quarter was received.  Supervisor Brumagin also submitted the grant to Senator Young’s office for $50,000.

New Business:

  • The FLVFD asked if they could bring their garbage to the town’s dumpster since it is only one or two bags every couple of weeks and the town board agreed to this as long as they do not bring trash from events held at the firehall.
  • Supervisor Brumagin reported that the center bay of the bus garage is now available to rent.
  • The recreation committee recommended the following for summer recreation staff:
Name and Assignment PAY
Breanna Summers – Summer Recreation Director (1st year)  $ 13.70 per hr.
Rebecca King – Summer Recreation Assistant Co-Director (4th year) $ 12.00 per hr.
Cordell Cook – Summer Recreation Assistant (1st year) $   9.70 per hr.
Susan Skarzenski – Soccer (oversee program)  $500.00
Cordell Cook – Assistant Director $ 10.00 per hr.
Fineghan McDonald – Referee $   9.70 per hr.
Referees/assistants $   9.70 per hr.

Councilman Wilcox made a motion, seconded by Councilman Watrous to accept the recommendation.  Motion carried unanimously.

Ayes – 4   Brumagin, Luce, Watrous, Wilcox

Nays – 0 

Payment of Monthly Claims/Transfers:

  • Payment of Monthly Claims/Transfers –   The monthly claims were examined.  Councilman Luce moved, seconded by Councilman Wilcox, to pay the monthly claims (subtracting voucher #119 for Greenman-Pederson).  In the General Fund claim #108 through #134 in the amount of $15,474.94 and in the Highway Fund claim #57H through #69H in the amount of $19,101.35 was approved to pay.  Motion carried unanimously.

Ayes – 4   Brumagin, Luce, Watrous, Wilcox

Nays – 0 

As there was no further business to come before the Board, Councilman Luce moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:46 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherrie R. Tanner
Town Clerk